Update on Lakeshore Football activities

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The French version follows the English version. / La version française suit la présente version anglaise.

April 22nd, 2020

RE: Update on Lakeshore Football activities

Dear Lakeshore Football family,

We hope that this email finds you & your family safe & healthy. Although our province and country are currently on pause due to the Covid‐19 pandemic, Lakeshore Football has not stopped working. In fact our board is diligently envisioning different potential scenarios for the upcoming season. We are closely following the recommendations being made by the Public Health Department and will be implementing their instructions as well as directives from Football Québec so that players, coaches, and parents can be on the field safely regardless of the scenario that is retained for the 2020 season. As always, our primary goal is the health and safety of our Cougars.

We will do anything possible so that our players who have been confined have the opportunity to practice their favorite sport once again

As we all know by now, presently the COVID‐19 situation has made congregating for any reason, impossible. In the meantime and until we can resume activities on the field we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. As well, the Head Coaches will be continuing to communicate regularly with their teams so we can all stay in touch and fight through this situation as we always do, as a team!

Please see some updates regarding the current season:

Spring Camp: Normally would start on May 3 is therefore postponed and may be cancelled.

Fall Camp & Season: As mentioned above, our season overall remain contingent on government health regulations & recommendations. In the meantime, we will look into running some Zoom sessions for our players to review basic concepts, so please take two minutes to register.

Why register? Given the financial impact the current situation may have on some households, we as an association are NOT asking for payment at this time. However, in order to remain nimble and react quickly when football activities do recommence, more complete registration information will help us react more quickly to re‐start activities.

How can we stay well, physically & mentally? Exercise & fresh air help. We will be sending a separate communication with speed & strength exercises that you & your family can do together on:

Stay healthy & happy, and remember the Lakeshore Family is always there to support one and other.

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.”

Vince Lombardi, NFL Hall of Fame Coach

Ted Stote
President, Lakeshore Football

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French PDF Version:


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